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With more than one billion websites, users can have a hard time finding what they need, and companies can have a hard time drawing the right users to their site.

We help you cut through the noise! Google AdWords is one of the fastest growing, most relevant and the least risky platform for advertising your business, but only if the campaign is properly set-up and lead. The problem with Google AdWords is that the most standard ad settings can cost a lot of money, without bringing satisfactory results.

Through our Google AdWords services, we will help you avoid the most common mistakes and set your campaign to success...

Our Google AdWords services consist of two phases: Set-up and Active Optimisation.

Phase 1: Placing Google AdWords Campaign

Here you can find everything that is included in the Google AdWords campaign set-up phase:

1. Keyword Research

The first step is to identify keywords that your target audience types in the Google Search Engine to explore the competition and reach your products or services. We will conduct a detailed keyword analysis to identify the most appropriate keywords and opportunities for the AdWords campaign.

2. Competition Research

The second step is to investigate your competition and find out which keywords, ads, and landing pages are already working and bringing conversions in your industry.

3. Ads Creation (Ad Copywriting)

We will prepare drafts of your ads content to ensure that your ads, offer, and landing page match the keywords we found in steps 1 and 2.

4. Design Development, Layout of Elements, and a Lading Page Content

The fourth step is creating a landing page for your ads. A landing page is a page that will be shown to your potential buyer after he clicks on your ad. Well written and designed landing pages will bring more conversions than in cases in which potential buyer came to the front page and sought for the information that interested him.

5. Set-up of Tools for Online Analysis and Phone Conversions

In the fifth step we will set-up appropriate analytics tools so that we can track which of the created ads generates more traffic, and which less, so that we know which customers were generated by the AdWords campaign when converting.

6. Adjusting Settings of the Google AdWords Campaign

The last step is adjusting the parameters in Google AdWords account and checking whether all the appropriate settings are activated. We will make sure that the campaign has activated geo location, targeting by the device, that has set-up target audience, and that conversion analytics is set-up and active.

Phase 2: Managing and Optimising Active Google AdWords Campaign

We will manage and optimise your AdWords campaign to ensure that each ad brings the largest return on investment (ROI). Here you can find everything that is included in managing and optimisation of the campaign:

1. Ad Rates Optimizing and Budget Management

We will adjust the ad price and budget per campaign to make sure they bring a greater return on investment. For example, we will raise the click price for high-quality keywords, and cut it down on the less profitable keywords.

2. A/B Ad Testing and Lading Page

We will test different copies of ads and landing pages to increase the number of clicks and the number of interactions through the landing page. A/B testing is a comparison process of the two versions of a landing page or two different ad versions to see which of them brings better results.

3. Consultations and Suggestions

We will make recommendations to improve campaign performance. We will help you define ways to generate new queries, adjust sales processes and accompanying sales activities. Our goal is to continuously raise the return on investment so we can profitably increase the number of campaigns.

4. Campaign Extension

When the campaign becomes profitable, we will work on the extension to generate more queries and sales. Within AdWords campaign, we can expand to more keywords for Google search engine, and on the display ads on web pages through the Google Display Network.

5. Monthly Reports and Analysis

We will send you monthly reports so you can track the campaign performance. Except monitoring the current results, through analysis we can generate new ideas and suggestions to continuously improve campaign results.

PPC kampanje

Every Click is Important

By tracking and analyzing the PPC campaign activity, we will maximize the results with the lowest cost of advertising.


Certified Team

Our accessible team is trained and certified for performing effective campaigns through Google AdWords.


Google Partner

Our experts are certified to manage ads on Google's advertising network.


Ad Work Analysis

We will test each ad and see whether it meets the desired results. Through A/B testing we will achieve perfect results.


Budgets and ROI

Every campaign must be profitable. Our team monitors the results of every click daily and takes care that everything you invest returns in many ways (ROI).


Display Network

Except on the Google Search Network, we can transform your ads and expand them to Display Network.

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